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Matt Fisher: versatile and dynamic conference speaker and facilitator.

Profile: Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher is a versatile and dynamic presenter, with a natural, relaxed style that engages the audience and brings out the best in other speakers.  During 5 years as EFQM’s Chief Operating Officer, he’s facilitated events in practically every country in Europe, working with leading companies like BMW, Volvo, Bosch, Ricoh and British Gas.
His business background enables him to quickly digest information, facilitate panel discussions and give additional insights that summarise complex concepts into digestible, takeaway nuggets. 
After a Masters from Edinburgh, Matt joined British Gas during their transition from nationalised industry to the competitive market place. So began a 20 year journey into helping organisations ensure they are fit for the future.  He subsequently joined Ricoh to lead their European Business Excellence and Sustainability programmes before joining EFQM as Chief Operating Officer in 2010. 
During this time, he led the review of the EFQM Excellence Model in 2010 and 2013.  Matt revitalised both the Foundation and the business excellence community in Europe and beyond with his pragmatic and practical approach.  One of the keys to rekindling interest was the annual EFQM Forum and Excellence Awards, both moderated by Matt in an engaging, often humorous style, which facilitated the development of a learning environment for the delegates to share their own experience.
Matt has developed global management training programmes for BMW and Grundfos, led global assessments for Bosch and La Poste and worked with the United Nations Global Compact to develop the EFQM Framework for Sustainability. 
Recent speaking and conference moderating invitations have taken him to practically every country in Europe.
Matt describes himself as ‘someone who believes that the simple solutions are the best’, with a close interest in understanding what makes exceptional organisations exceptional:
  • Breaking the “vicious circle” of poor results
  • Business Excellence
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Sustainability and the circular economy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organisational Development
Matt is a respected business leader, consultant, conference speaker/ facilitator and a Fellow of the Business Excellence Institute.

Watch this short video:

Here's a short video (under 3 minutes - promise!)to give you an idea of Matt's conference faclitation style.
Here's a not very short video, talking through 5 of the key lessons learned during my career and how to use them to transformthe fortunes of an organisation.
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